Jan 13, 2012

Your order for helicopter for the weekend

This was an email that came through to my work address.

Your order for our air transportation services has been accepted and processed. The chopper will be at your disposal from 12.00 wednesday to 10.15 a.m. thursday. Once again, the rates are as follows:
1 hour in the air: 736$
Takeoff / Landing: 243$
1 hour idle time on the ground: 88$
Longest period in the air is 3 hours.
When flying for longer distances, a second pilot is needed, and the cost accordingly grows by 130$ per hour.
Tital to pay.doc 381kb

With Respect
Kian Engle


  1. me too, what is in the word doc attachment? who is brave enough to open it?

  2. I too got...this...I opened the attachment and it contained the same content. Not sure..what is the source of this spam?


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