Dec 20, 2011

Cheap material = crappy product

If you got a pair of crappy vans like I did. Send them to the address below.

1202 shuksan way
everett WA 98203

This was the note I sent along with my crappy vans.  Hopefully I'll have some new shoes soon...

I purchased these shoes no more than 8 weeks ago for nearly sixty dollars.  How would you feel if you put 60 of your hard earned dollars into something that falls apart like this? When I say  "like this" I'm referring to the sole of the left shoe.  I won't be buying any of these shoes with this cheap rubber.  And I'll be sure to let everyone that I know that's a loyal vans customer to steer clear of these shoes.  thanks for understanding.  Instead of replacing with same shoes I would prefer to get a pair of the Vans Era™ Core Classics size 10.5 in black.  Thank you!

These were the shoes I had and in less than 8 weeks of simply walking in them there was a hole in the sole.  Not cool! 

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