Dec 7, 2011

Public Square Group

The unparalleled advocacy of northeastern Ohio’s Public Square Group should serve as a model for skatepark supporters throughout the country as stated on Tony Hawk Foundations websiteI want to be a family membership keyholder with PSG! 

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From: Vince Frantz
Sent: Thursday, August 25, 2011 3:57 PM
Subject: The Skate Kitchen Indoor Spot

After many years of talking about it - we finally did it.

We are building a mini ramp for members of PSG and kicking it off with the highest levels of membership dues which includes 24/7 keyfob access.

PSG is growing in demand and involvement and we needed an office. Besides the Crooked River Skate Park and the Broadway Ave skate park (Grindline as well!) we have served hundreds of skaters and over 100 kids have been through our lessons over the last 2 years. The list of projects and events is too long to put on one page. Time to get an office and workshop. We figured we would also address the annual issue of indoor skating and good skate-only mini ramps all in one spot.

We are building this September and should be skateable by Halloween. Eventually we will do other membership levels but for now we are booking the keyholder levels. Future levels will be for certain hours and events only.

All the details we have are up here so far - just wanted to email all you guys have been involved over the years so you can hear it from me first before we promote it to the general membership and public. You may have heard rumors but this is what we got so far.

It may not make sense for you based on it being downtown Cleveland - but we hope to add more locations and different places under the same membership. All depends on demand - just wanted to let you know.

Over the last week we are already halfway to the minimum number of members to build so jump on now before Oct 1st and your next dues won't be until Jan 2013.

We are also going to be looking for sponsors to help cover the costs (dues won't cover it all) so if you have ideas - let us know. We will be pushing harder on that once we get building.

For now - read up and sign up!


PS. BTW - The Crooked River Skate Park is in Engineering phase. They are doing the heavy engineering to build the park down there with a high water table and it has slowed it down. But they are working on the bid docs and Grindline is still working directly with them. Just slowed down thanks to sandy soil and water down there. They have upped their manpower to do this - they are super dedicated.

Vince Frantz
Exec. Director
Public Square Group, Inc
17000 Madison Ave
Lakewood, OH 44107
c. 216-272-8603
p. 216-539-7582
f. 216-803-2569

Public Square Group, Inc is a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to supporting skateboarding in our neighborhoods.
Twitter: @psgee

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