Nov 2, 2011

Oversharing / Backup

I feel selfish if I don't share my life online everyday. Of course
I'm kidding.  Heres my tip of the day. Because you can order
prints from Google's Picasa this is where I upload my pictures.
Not being able to order prints from Facebook is a bad move on
their part (Are you reading this Mark?) Plus I use Picasa as a
backup (20GB $5/yr.) incase my machine would explode in a
firey blaze god forbid.  I'm sure Facebook will gladly sell you all
your photos back to you in the future. They sure do a good job of
making it difficult to download them all one by one. Okay I'm off
my soapbox.

Anyways I was curious if any of you saw all the pictures I
uploaded from the parties? A simple Yes/No reply would be
greatly appreciated! Me get sad when no one respond :( I may
have tagged you in album. You'd know if you were an
oversharing fool like myself. and were on google+ twitter etc.
Enjoy the pictures! Tag each other make comments I love
reading them and someday Allie and her friends will too.  I had a
ton of fun that weekend and I'm really glad all of you could be
part of it! Thanks for being apart of it!

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