May 3, 2010

From prefab to Grindline

The cities of Cleveland and Coshocton Ohio bought the easy fix solution for a skateboard park. Both had skate parks built to be disposable likely banking on the idea it was a fad. Both used the prefabricated ramps by a company not worth mentioning. They installed these prefab ramps on a concrete slab and said, "here's your skate park." Now these parks have reached the end of their life and both cities are in the planning stages of building new concrete skate parks.

Cleveland population 500,000. Coshocton population 12,000. Cleveland prefab park on a concrete slab. Coshocton prefab park on a concrete slab. Cleveland removes it's prefab park (March 2010). Coshocton removes it's prefab park (February 2010).

Both Cleveland and Coshocton are now planning new concrete skate parks. Both will be designed by world class park builder Grindline.

Learn more about both of the new skate parks here:

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